I want to address each of these issues, one by one and rather than labor the points myself, others have gone before me and labored these exact rebuttals in full.  For one 18 minute response, see James White’s response to this very graphic, here:

The rest will be individual responses to these assertions.

  1. So, to begin, “Jesus never speaks on homosexuality…”
  2. The OT says not to eat shellfish, etc… Be Consistent! – Or something like that…
  3. (This is a 2 parter as it deals with 2 completely different issues, so first…)
    A.  The meaning of “arsenokoitai.”
    (This is a facebook post, but is by one of the world’s foremost scholars in the greek language.)
    B.  Head Coverings and Women’s roles in the church
  4. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!
    Well, first, this is a bad way of saying what the very first article I posted says. This phrase doesn’t move either side forward and needs to be dropped.  However, the thought behind it is, in contrast to the negative verses against HOMOsexuality, there are positive verses affirming HETEROsexuality.  (Again, see the first article posted, as well as the next…)
  5. The Bible doesn’t clearly define what marriage is… in fact, it affirms polygamy, etc…
  6. It disgusts me.
    My own sin disgusts me.  However, the argument is faulty in that I am not the final authority.  My feelings don’t make something right or wrong.  I am not the standard.  The Scriptures must be our Sole infallible rule of our faith.  (See first video link above)