My wife deserves so much more this Mother’s Day…

She had to get up, get herself and 2 kids ready, fix them breakfast, get them to church on time, take care of the nursery, come home, fix them and herself some lunch, then take care of Lyric all afternoon while taking care of her sick husband.  

I know this is not the Mother’s Day she had envisioned, nor the one I wanted her to experience, however, this is a snapshot of the normal day my wife encounters.  

An amazing mom to 2 children, an amazing wife to 1 husband and an amazing friend to many.  Each task is completed with joy and humility, and each night is met with exhaustion.  

This is the life of a mom.  

Willingly, she does this that our children might grow up, not to be moral kids, but Godly children, who raise Godly children.  

I love you Mandy.  

Thank you for being awesome.  

You deserve better.

Happy Mother’s Day.